What We Do

At Garhwal, Chan & Williams, Inc. we offer wealth management services to high net-worth clients including individuals, families, Indian tribes, and public and private pension and profit-sharing plans.

To us, wealth management goes far beyond following fads or trying to time the market. Everything we do is guided by principled leadership rooted in truthfulness, transparency, character, integrity, and a long-term, multi-generational focus.

We are proud of our unwavering commitment to lifelong learning. We use our hard-won insights to coach and educate clients in building and growing their wealth. Our objective is to minimize self-inflicted damage and keep our clients focused on a steady, long-term path consistent with their own values and passions. Toward that end we routinely rebalance portfolios, seeking low-cost management strategies while being mindful of effects of portfolios on client income, inheritance taxes and philanthropic goals.

Our investment philosophy, which aligns closely with that of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), involves building globally diversified portfolios across various asset classes while taking selective risks that are consistent with client objectives.  Learn more about DFA funds and strategies.